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Wisconsin Smokey Cheddar Scones

Today was a savory bake day. Recipe development is really fun, but actually exhausting. We tweaked a savory scone recipe. I wanted to represent Wisconsin in a savory bite. Thus was born the Bacon, Cheddar, Onion Beer Scone. The bacon is an applewood smoked bacon from Nuke's out of Wittenberg, Wisconsin. The cheese is a Smoked Applewood Certified Wisconsin Cheddar from Red Apple and the Beer was Totally Naked from the New Glarus Brewing Company and even the butter was an Amish hand rolled butter from the Driftless region. My goal is to find a locally milled flour, so for this recipe I used my tried and true King Arthur All-Purpose Flour. I even made a maple butter out of Wisconsin Maple Syrup and local butter.

I tried both baking in a cast iron scone pan and on a baking sheet lined with a silicone pastry mat. Both had their benefits, but I think what we decided was that the free-formed circle on the baking mat actually was the better technique and will deliver an almost perfect scone.

Taste testers loved the scone and I think we landed on a great recipe. Now, we are going to practice, practice, practice.

Next week, Ill try a savory bake again - A smoked salmon and asparagus quiche and then well pick the best one to go with!

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