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About me

My Home, Heart, and Design Philosophy

Hey!  My name is Jenni and I am a food lover, homemaker, apron designer, world traveler, mom, wife, friend and fancy party thrower!  It’s just me here at The Plucky Housewives and it is my baby and love for many years.  I come from a German-British family with a mom who spent her career in front of the house as a server and eventually a caterer.  She met my dad in the Supper Club days, who was the entertainment!  I grew up in Madison Wisconsin and spent much of my childhood learning my mother’s gift for food and the recipes she had to pass on from her mom and her mom’s mom and so on!

I have lived in many places, from Washington, DC to Honolulu, HI and most places in between.  While acclimating to my new locations, I would always throw myself into the local food scene, getting to know people from all over the world though their food, home, family and every day life.  It is those relationships that have taught me so much about what we can do to create a great atmosphere to help our families and loved ones thrive in this ever crazy and wild world we live in.

The Plucky Housewives is my way of offering you an opportunity to connect with others like yourselves, whose day to day lives are similar and share, ask, seek and hopefully find all the answers you are looking for in how to manage your lives. 

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